When God’s plan > than our Understanding

Day 194 –

We may not understand the outcome of a particular situation, but we can always trust it’s God’s purpose that prevailed.

Isaiah 14:26-27 “This is the plan determined for the whole world; this is the hand stretched out over all nations. For the Lord Almighty has purposed, and who can thwart him? His hand is stretched out, and who can turn it back?”

Open a newspaper, turn on a tv, look through Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media channels, and you are going to gasp. You may have tears, you may be confused, you may even be angry. There are so many questions right now of things we just don’t understand. Chaos seems to be running ramped….good people are dying, hate is spreading across a nation that should be “United”, we no longer honor authority, and people are trying to change who God physically made them to be.

But God, He has a plan and behind His plan is purpose filled with all the wisdom of the world. We might not understand it, but it’s just beyond our understanding. He is Sovereign and we are not, He created Heaven and Earth in 7 days and by golly we did not.

No matter how much we wish and pray that some outcomes would be different, We must Trust His plan.

When we understand that the Lord’s Will is going to prevail, His peace that transcends all understanding will fill our hearts. We will pull on our boots of peace and walk along this journey of life with Hope for what is yet to come, not fear of what is unknown. But if we consume ourselves with deciphering the reason or holding onto the fear we will lose our footing and fall into Satan’s trap.

Is there something going on right now that you just can’t understand and it’s consuming your every thought?

Go pull on your boots of peace and follow the plan marked out for you, trusting not in what you know, but in WHO you know because His purpose is Good and it will prevail.

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