All Created by One

Day 208 –

We are all created differently, but God created us all.

Isaiah 64:8 “Yet you, Lord, are our Father. We are the clay, you are the potter; we are all the work of your hand.”

When you look around, wherever you are, you’ll notice there are many people of all ages, races, sizes, shapes, and colors. Each one looks and acts a little different (or maybe a lot), but the fact is we were all created by God. Even better yet, that also means we are all siblings and children of God.

Like a potter, as He began to dream up each one of us, God set His hands to the wheel and clay and formed us in our mothers’ wombs. He began molding us into something special, created for a special purpose.

The Lord needs each of us to be exactly who He made us to be, with the exact skin color, the right nose shape, the specific height, to accomplish a great purpose for Him.

Once He gets our shape, color, and total appearance just how He likes it, He will place us in the kiln to refine us. God allows the heat to melt our impurities and harden our skin. For some, the Lord likes us a little rough around the edges, but others He chooses to add more color too, and even others God will add some clear gloss for polishing. How ever He finishes us off He has a great plan in mind.

This week I’ve learned just how different everyone is and I’ve been on a great adventure with some extremely amazing friends. These ladies and children are near and dear to my heart, but we are all very different, especially me. The first day we were together they were already trying to figure out all my little quirks, but my husband reassured them I’m just one of a kind.

But I like that, honestly, I like that we’re all different.

God made us this way so we could all work together to create His wonderful masterpiece. No matter our differences He loves us all in a special way and wants us to love each other just how He created us, perfectly unique, made in His image, specifically for an Eternal purpose and Grander plan.

So when you look around, before you begin to make comments or judge with your eyes, look at the person in the way God did and see them for who He created them to be.

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