The “Write” Words in Time

Day 209 –

Sometimes I just don’t know what to say…so I say nothing at all.

Jeremiah 1:9 “Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth.”

The “Right” Words don’t always come easy to me, but the wrong words probably flow to easily to my mind. Often I get asked for my thoughts on certain situations, and I’d love to say immediately God places a Word on my heart and I proclaim them through my lips, however, the fact is, I have to pray and pray until God reveals to me whatever it is He wants me to say. Most often, the “Right” words He gives me are actually the “Write” or written words instead.

Not too many years ago, I learned a very valuable lesson: speaking before waiting to hear from God can get you in all kinds of trouble.

Yet, when we wait and pray for the “Right” words to say, God will place His Words in our heart to use at the right time and as a vessel of truth.

Everyday I pray that He gives me Wisdom and fills me with His Words so as I write, others may draw closer to Him. I may never know for sure if that prayer is being fulfilled, but I have faith that He hears my prayer and wants to fulfill them.

A few years back there was a couple that I dearly loved, in need of the “Right” words. This couple had been going through an extremely difficult time in their marriage, and in one day, both spouses called me and said they were ready to call it quits. I begged them to wait at least one more week, and they agreed, not truly understanding what they were waiting on. With immediacy, I prayed and prayed for the “Right” Words to say and God quickly placed a pen in my hand, a paper on my desk, and a word in my heart to “Write” and send on to them.

Someone that knows the couple well and knew about the troubles they were going through asked me what I wrote, and honestly, I have no idea. God spoke through me what they needed to hear and those words are His Words, the “Right” Words and in this case the “Write” Words, not my words.

Are you struggling to find the “Right” words? Are you quick to speak and end up saying the wrong ones?

God will place the “Right” Words in your mouth and on your heart if you pray and wait on His Timing. Remember, sometimes, the “Write” words can be the “Right” words after all.

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