Perfectly Imperfect

Day 218 –

God will gather to Him all those who are perfectly imperfect.

Jeremiah 31:8 “See, I will bring them from the land of the north and gather them from the ends of the earth. Among them will be the blind and the lame, expectant mothers and women in labor; a great throng will return.”

God’s not looking for those who are perfect, he’s not even looking for those who are nearly perfect, He’s just looking for those who are His!

After the abuse I experienced as a child, every part of my inside wanted to be perfect, yet, I felt completely flawed.

Perfection was not a reality in my present condition, but I would surely try for it to be a part of my future.

Try and try and TRY, I did, at everything I attempted. Whatever I tried I wanted to be the very best. I never wanted anyone angry with me or disliking me, I became a bonafide People Pleaser and I wasn’t even very good at that either.

It’s hard, right?!

The focus I had on other peoples opinions of myself halted my Spiritual growth, since all I wanted to do was fit in, and yet I never thought I was good enough to get in.

I wasn’t good enough for the world around me and I definitely wasn’t good enough for all the people on the inside of those church walls.

How about you? Have you felt that way? Have you stayed outside the church walls because you also believed everyone inside of them is too perfect for you?

At some point God got ahold of my hand and my heart and brought me alongside Himself to show me I was good enough to be His child, His Chosen one, perfectly imperfect, ready to Glorify Him.

That’s just it, NO ONE is perfect, not me, not some President, not the Pope, NO ONE.

Only Jesus was and is perfect, and we are no where close to being Him. So that makes one thing for sure: He wants us just as we are. He doesn’t want us to first change, then come to Him; The Lord wants us perfectly imperfect to see His goodness in His Perfection.

Don’t wait to seek the Lord until you’ve changed. Seek the Lord just as you are and watch as His imagine transforms you into a new creation. Then you too can worship Him, alongside me, in all our perfectly imperfect form.

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