It’s time to Fight

Day 223 –

Never give up teaching your children the ways of the Lord and how to fight off the ways of the world.

Jeremiah 51:11a “Sharpen the arrows, take up the shields!”

In Proverbs, an abundance of children is like a quiver full of arrows, and in Ephesians, a shield of faith is to be taken up against the fiery schemes of the Devil. We, parents, caretakers, and teachers of children are to take advantage of the opportunity we have to sharpen our children by the wisdom of the Lord and take up our shield of faith in the battle before us.

This time of year, I always enjoying seeing all the beautiful pictures of everyone’s first day of school. It reminds me how quickly life passes and how children will only be under our roof for a short period of time. I think about how the parents, schools, and world out there are all fighting over the attention of our children. I have spoken with mothers who are at their wits end with their children, wondering if they should just throw in the towel and let their children do as they please, hoping it all turns out alright.

And to that I say, Absolutely NOT!

This is our Battle Ground…..The job God gave us, to raise children in the light of His Word and in the way of the Lord.

Teach, teach, and teach some more, the Word of God so our children may know the Truth. Guide them in the way of righteousness and sharpen them as arrows.

When you shoot them into this world let them pierce the darkness with light.

It will get hard, and our children will make bad decisions, but remember we too are flawed. Let this encourage you to never give up. Instead you should take up your shield of faith and help your children fight off the evil of the world.

Brett and I constantly fight to take up our shield of faith for our children, but also constantly fall short on sharpening the arrows of our quiver. We do ok for a while, but at some point we allow our schedules to run our lives and we profess we’re to busy to read and go through prayer requests and pray as a family. That’s why as school comes back in session we are committing to pray and read the Bible every night, to open up discussion and thought on what God says and what the world says. To sharpen the arrows of our quiver and take up our shield of faith.

Join us in this Battle. Sharpen the arrows, take up your shield, and be ready to FIGHT!

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