Desiring Love

Day 243 –

It all points back to Love.

Hosea 6:6 “For I desire steadfast love and not sacrifice, the knowledge of God rather than burnt offerings.”

God doesn’t care what we can do for Him or what we can give Him, all He cares about is our love.

By loving The Lord we will love others, we will be willing to give up all for Him, we will do the unnecessary to prove the necessary…our steadfast love.

We are all created in the same way, out of His love in His likeness. But Love can turn into an all consuming search for those that are seeking it instead of loving Him. It can be a search for Love in all the wrong places that can cause us to turn from God because He is the actual Love we are seeking.

Many believe the love that they are desiring can be found in another, when in actuality it can only be filled by the Love of Christ.

God’s Love is a love that will never end, it is steadfast; this love can never be taken away, it is Eternal.

I’ve witnessed the end of marriages, the abandonment of children, the adopted run from families, all because they were seeking a love that a human can’t fully give and can only be given by a God that loves unconditionally.

When we begin to take off the layers of need and greed and selfishness – this seeking of a love not of God, you will find a soul filled with God’s love because we were created out of His Love. It is out of our own insecurities that we may think we must Do, Give, Speak in certain ways to gain Christ’s Love but in all actuality all we need to do is truly love and we will receive the love we desire in return.

This “LOVE” – loving others more than ourselves, is when the Lord is refilling us with the abundance of His love that will be overflowing and never ending. And that my friends is Exactly what He desires and He knows we desire as well!

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