An Open Book

Day 246 –

The best way to teach the truths of life are to become an open book.

Joel 1:3 “Tell your children of it, and let your children tell their children, and their children to another generation.”

Do you hide the truth from your children or do you speak openly with them about your struggles and ‘The Truth’.

Are you afraid of the outcome if they see the real you?

When we become an open book of all the realities in our life our children will learn best about what Truth really is. They can relate to us when we choose to be real, they won’t think we are perfect, but in our imperfection we can point them to the truth that we are only made perfect through Christ.

Others can see how someone can mess up and make up, and find healing through the redemption and saving power of Jesus.

When we hide behind the perfect facade of false truths our children will also hide the truth that we desire for them to share with us. But when we become an open book, our children for many generations will have an opportunity to point to God’s Grace and Mercy in our lives.

It is in our most truthful moments that God will speak volumes.

Story telling was how Jesus spoke to his disciples and those he met on the road. We have this same ability and opportunity dwelling inside each of us to lead the next generation directly to Him.

So what will you choose to do….become an open book in freedom or keep the truth bound between the covers in bondage.

Since we have such a huge cloud of witnesses watching us: Speak truth by telling His Story through your story.

Why not, read from one of the pages of your Book into their life?! It’s through this openness that God can reveal His power in your vulnerableness.

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