One thing….

Day 278 –

One thing will never leave you!

Luke 21:33 “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.”

These days you never know if the sky is going to fall, the ground is going to open up, a hurricane is going to wipe out an island, or a tornado take out your town. Then you have the personal stuff, a so-called friend broke your trust, your spouse wasn’t always faithful, you failed the test you needed to pass, and then there’s that rumor that hit social media and spread like wildfire.

You don’t know who to trust, where to run, how things will work out, or why you just can’t seem to get things right.

Honestly, nothing in the here and now will last forever; everything and everyone is always changing. Yet, there is one thing that has remained the same, one thing that will never change, one thing that will never leave you. It is this ONE THING that will be alive and available to the very end, and this is the Word of God.

The Word has lasted through fires, revolutions, tsunamis, bus wrecks, generations, failed marriages, deaths, social media wildfires, and all kinds of natural disasters and catastrophes.

The Word is still here and still Whole.

You can always count on the Word of God to speak to your specific situation, guide you through the good times and the bad, answer your deepest questions, and bring light to your darkest moments.

The Word is all you need because The Word is God.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.” – John 1:1

Are you lost and looking, seeking and searching, waiting and wanting, or helping and hoping, then the Word of God is exactly what you need.

Seek Him and you will find Him, Search for Him with all of your heart and He will be there!

He is that “one thing”!

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