Compassion: Come with Passion

Day 287 –

God places compassion in the Heart of His children.

Acts 7:23 “When he was forty years old, it came into his heart to visit his brothers, the children of Israel.”

When God is wanting us to act on behalf of another, He combines action and passion, empathy and the love of others, and places it all in our heart. This combination equals His Desires in motion which makes up Compassion…..Come with Passion!

Compassion led Moses to visit his brothers the Israelites and move on their behalf. At his own risk and the possible loss of his own life, Moses did the work of God. Out of Compassion he eventually came back to Egypt and freed his people from slavery.

Compassion lead Mother Theresa to live in the devastating conditions of Calcutta and share the love of Christ with those who no one cared about.

The placement of this same passion and action on our own heart isn’t natural; we aren’t born with it, God gives Compassion to us in the same way He gives us wisdom.

When we act on the passion God places in our heart not only is it a blessing to those who receive our compassion but also those of us who give of the passion in our heart.

Doing the work God places in our heart allows us to experience more of the work of the Lord. We are able to feel what He feels and see what He sees.

Often, especially in the loss of our son, my family has been on the receiving end of such Compassion. You can see God’s hand all over the situations and the “Love in Action” that is taking place. The gift from one heart to another allows each of us to experience the heart of God, bonding each other in a new and vibrant way that connects our hearts forever.

The actions of Moses saved the lives of many and allowed him to deepen his own relationship with God. Thus, Allowing God to work in your own heart will deepen your walk with Him as well.

Take time and Pray to the Lord that He would place the same compassion in your heart that He has placed in the heart of so many others throughout the generations. In this way, you may experience His heart and spread His love around the world.

Compassion can be defined as “Putting Passion into Action” or Coming with Passion, and it’s this Passion that can start a revolution, a Revival! So Come with Passion and turn God’s Passion into Action, changing and saving the LIVES of Many!

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