Day 318 –

You just need to believe to receive the greatest Joy available to man.

Hebrews 3:19, “So we see that they were unable to enter because of unbelief.”

For years my youngest daughter (by 1 minute) practiced and practiced gymnastics, even having a personal coach for a while. It took quite a bit of time, as in years, but she finally got her back handspring. This was the one thing she wanted to be able to propel her into what she thought was a gymnast or future cheerleader. However, in the case of many other young girls trying to get their back handspring, my daughter allowed her fear to hold her back from experiencing the Joy of this accomplishment.

How? Because Hailey refused to complete this tumbling trick anywhere but on the gym floor.

In the same way my daughter allowed her fear to squelch the belief that she could accomplish a back handspring anywhere, many people allow fear of believing in Jesus to halt them from entering into Heaven.

Many want to see before they believe, but Our Faith calls us to believe before we can see.

After a year of being able to throw her back handspring but not doing it, Hailey finally believed she could and she did. The excitement and Joy in her personal accomplishment was so exuberant that she wanted everyone to see.

This same joy and excitement is open and available for all who step across the line of unbelief to belief in Christ.

What’s stopping you from believing and experiencing the Greatest Joy available to man?!

Stop waiting to see and just Believe!

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