Day 322 –

Get behind me Satan!

James 4:7, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

Just this afternoon I claimed these exact words, ‘Get behind me Satan.’

I’m a listener, a thinker, and a reacter, in that order. Things that affect my head, affect my heart, and vice versa. So Satan is constantly trying to whisper lies into my head, so they will affect my heart, and cause me to react upon them. But when we resist him and tell him who the One is that actually controls our life, he gets afraid and flees instantaneously.

About 15 years ago God revealed to me how these Words and Faith truly work so miraculously. I was having one of my flashbacks from the abuse of my childhood, (this accompanies many forms of trauma), while sitting by my husband and mom in a balcony pew in the middle of church. The preacher was preaching, (nothing pertaining to abuse) and a vision began to occur either way.

Satan, the liar, was trying to ruin my church service.

Tears flowed down my face. I was beyond tired of this happening and the exhaustion I would feel from it for the rest of the day. It was damaging to me and my family! In that very moment, God nudged me to do what I had read and heard many times, claim the blood of Jesus and resist the devil.

I told Satan he had no control over my life, and only Jesus flowed through my blood. The flashback vanished and has been gone ever since. That doesn’t mean the devil doesn’t still try to attack me in other ways, but not in that way anymore because the name of Jesus made him flee.

Now, when I tell the devil to get behind me, he listens.

Do you struggle with the attacks of Satan? Tell him to get behind you! There’s only room for One King in your life and that’s King Jesus. #vıctory

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