Lead the Way to the Way

Day 326 –

There’s no greater joy than to see your child walking with the Lord.

3 John 4, “I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.”

My children could be rocking Principal’s Honor Roll, making the A Team, all-star athlete, lead in the school play, 1st in the race, Homecoming Queen, or even President of the United States, but if they aren’t walking with Jesus I’ve still got work to do.

Our children are bound to make mistakes, have plenty of bad days, and disappoint us from time to time, but that doesn’t define THEM or YOU.

The better definition of a child is the defining of their heart.

Do they love like Jesus, do they want to do right by Him, are they being convicted and repentant over their attitudes and decisions?

It is our duty to hold them accountable, not to blame others around them. It is our duty to be an example to them, to lead them, to reveal to them our humility when we’re wrong, so they will know they have the ability to be humble when they are wrong. We are to show them how to repent, they we all have shortcomings, and most of all that we can LOVE ALL PEOPLE and FORGIVE ALL PEOPLE.

We need to walk with them, talk with them, be open and honest with them, and continually point them to the Truth.

Eventually, out of no where, we will see them walking with Him, talking with Him, being open and Honest with Him without us having to tell them to do so. All of our time, our work and our heartache will turn into an overflowing fountain of Joy.

That’s what matters most. That’s what we’re here for, to lead others including our own children to Christ. It’s not to make them the best or the greatest, it’s to lead them to the best and the greatest.

When our children and others stop walking in our faith and start walking in their own faith, there is absolutely no Greater Joy!

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