It’s your Choice

Day 329 –

The Word of God can be sweet like honey and bitter to your soul.

Revelations 10:10, “And I took the little scroll from the hand of the angel and ate it. It was sweet as honey in my mouth, but when I had eaten it my stomach was made bitter.”

The Word of God is sweet to all that long for it, find comfort in it, seek it, and savor it. But the Word can also be bitter to those who deny it, ignore it, forget it, or abuse it.

The Word can bring healing and love, but it can also convict us of wrong doing.

Over the years and over our life, the more we dive into The Word the sweeter The Word will become… sweet as honey. The more we digest The Word, the deeper it gets in our soul, and the more convicting it will become.

When I first met my husband, almost 20 years ago, he re-introduced me to a yummy goodness of a dessert made up of fried dough covered in pounds of powdered sugar. Delicious, right?! These Louisiana delicacies are French Market donuts or beignets to us Cajun folk aka wannabe Cajuns.

I loved beignets so much I was able to stuff 2 orders (6 big fluffy donuts) into my stomach without a thought. But as the years have passed the amount I eat has become smaller yet My desire for them has grown even more. I savor every bite of sweetness and let the bitterness of the French roast coffee guide how much I eat. Much like God’s Word, the sweetness drives me to eat, but the bitterness leads my stomach in the direction of how many I can handle.

The Word of God, as sweet as it is, will grow your desire and lead you closer to Him. And the bitterness we also taste will help us become more like His Son, reflecting His likeness in all we do.

So what will you do! It’s your choice. Choose to eat of His Word or ignore all that it has for us.

Allow the sweetness to bring you closer to Him, to experience His love and kindness, and the bitterness to guide your path, to show you right from wrong and good from evil.

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