2 Days ‘til Christmas

On the 23rd Day of Christmas – Memories stored in your Heart are like Treasures in Heaven. Nothing can steal them and they will never rust or rot.

Luke 2:19 “But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart.”

Mary had just witnessed a miracle happen through her own body, but the biggest part of this miracle was giving birth to her son, God’s Son, Jesus.

He was fully God and fully human, and she was able to connect with Jesus in the same way we connect with our own children.

Mary began storing up memories of The baby as soon as she laid eyes on Him. Cradling Him in her arms, looking down on each finger and toe, remembering every kiss from an angel, every special mark from God laid on His body. She knew her son because she treasured Him and every memory of Him…..

…….But Mary also knew that one day she would have to let her son go do the work of the Father, and this would require Him leaving earth and to go to Heaven for you and I.

So Mary took every opportunity to Treasure the time she had with her child because she was willing to let Him go.

Memories and moments with those we love are treasures we are storing in our heart.

All the other stuff is just that, “Stuff”. It’s not meant to go with us.

We should be more like Mary and Treasure up memories in our heart, not store up things of this earth. The treasures in our heart will live forever, but the things of this earth will one day be gone.

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